Phlegm - Manhattan, New York

British artist Phlegm has been conspicuously absent from New York’s walls until very recently. Here’s a few photos of installations in Chelsea on West 17th Street between Ninth and Tenth avenues.

Nikita Nomerz - Faces, Russia

Nikita Nomerz is a Russian artist with an amazing talent for seeing a dilapidated building and bringing it’s personality to life.                  

Shepard Fairey - Paris 2012

Shepard Fairey recently completed this 40m piece in Paris (93 rue Jeanne D’Arc, 75013 Paris, Metro Nationale) Photos via yoyolabellut & Marie A C

Phlegm - Fish, Clayton UK

Phlegm is definitely on the list of artist collections we’re putting together, so in the mean time check one of his recent murals in Clayton, Scarborough UK. More photos can be found here

My Dog Sighs - Can man series

My Dog Sighs creates these amazing pieces from discarded cans. Lots more of his art on his facebook page here